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Health, Safety & Sanitation

What We Do

Please read the guide below to our safety and sanitation policies at FishKiss.
Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

All customers will be told exactly what happens in the FishKiss Experience before payment is due at the start of the

  1. Customers will need to sign a waiver form stating that they understand the process ahead of time and
    they also declare they have no open wounds, lacerations, infections and/or fungus of any kind on feet
    and leg areas.
    Note: Absolutely under no circumstances will FishKiss Fish Spa allow any individual to participate in the
    FishKiss Experience with feet or legs that have open wounds, lacerations, infection
  2. The customer will receive a visual inspection of feet and legs by a FIshKiss employee making sure customer
    has no open wounds, lacerations, infections, and/or fungus of any kind.
    Note: All FishKiss employees will be trained in knowing and identifying what to look for in order to double
    check that the process is done in a clean and sanitary manner. 
  3. The customer will remove their shoes and socks, and will receive washing of feet and legs with warm water
    and hypo-allergenic soap for minimum of thirty seconds.
    Note: This step is done to further sanitize and cleanse the part of the body (legs and feet) that is will be in
    the tank of water to reduce dirt and bacteria that could be introduced to the tank otherwise.
  4. Customer receives spa flip flops to keep sanitized feet clean and protect them from dirt and bacteria on
    the floor surfaces. They will use these flip flops to walk over to FishKiss Experience bench and tank.
    Note: Customers will receive these slippers in the Wash Room prior to walking to the bench and tank area.
    Their shoes will be stored in a cubby until they are finished.
  5. Customer will remove slippers and slowly lower their feet into the tank of warm, clean water, and will enjoy
    fifteen minutes of the Garra rufa fish gently nibbling on their feet.
  6. After the Experience, the customer will gently lift their feet out of the tank of water and an employee will
    guide their wet feet over on the side the bench where they are seated away from the tank. The employee
    will then dry off the customer’s feet with a towel and provide a warm herbal wrap with essential oils on the
    feet and lower leg area.
    Note: The warm herbal towel wrap will be steam by eucalyptus oils that promotes health and helps get rid
    of bacteria. 
  7. An employee will return the customer’s shoes to them, and they will be free to go.
    Note: No matter how many times a customer comes back to FishKiss Fish Spa, the customer will receive
    the same health and safety procedure. We take the health of our customers very seriously.